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Victor Double Ring Hobble Belt with Pouch - BELTVICHOBP

Victor Double Ring Hobble Belt with Pouch - BELTVICHOBP

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Genuine leather, with knife pouch. Sizes 30″ (77cm) to 48″ (122cm).

Belts crafted from genuine, high-quality, drum-dyed leather.
Hobble belts are our most popular style of belt.
Features two solid brass hobble rings, a solid brass buckle and leather keeper.
Edge-sewn body with a sewn knife pouch, using UV stabilised nylon thread.
The knife pouch is designed to hold standard 4″ (10cm x 2cm), 3 blade stock knives.

Measuring yourself for belt size

The general rule of thumb is to add 2 inches (5cm) to your pant size, however, for more accuracy you can take your measurement as follows:

Step 1. Put on your outfit as you would normally wear it with a belt – with pants set at the right height, and shirt tucked in or out as you would normally wear it.

Step 2. Pass a tape measure through your belt loops, pull it close as you would a belt and take the measurement. This should be your approximate belt size.

Belt sizes are set in 2 inch (5cm) increments so if your measurement falls between sizes, round up to the nearest belt size.

Diagram showing how to measure belt size
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